Greenhouse Work 2014

In the summer of 2014, Michael McGee agreed to tackle repairs on my greenhouse. The supports along one side of the structure were rotting, along with many of the boards to which the supports were attached. Michael did an amazing job.

After Michael’s repairs, I wanted to paint the entire greenhouse. Not only did the new wood need painting, but much of the paint on the old wood was gone or peeling. There had been a partial repainting many years ago, but that paint was not in great shape either.

The greenhouse has 200 windows. The prepping took more time than the painting. This was a big, slow job. One layer of primer + two layers of paint = 600 windows to paint.

The greenhouse was built by architect Michael Cobb for the previous owner of my house. Michael grew up on the property behind mine. Read Michael’s blog for a history of the building of the greenhouse.