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Greystone Kil-Cahore (Corey)--the Connemara I owned from early-1981 through mid-1989. In this picture he is 6 years old.
(June 1981, Ithaca, NY)
Corey and me sharing an apple.
(October 1984, Ithaca, NY)
Corey and me at a dressage show. I showed Corey at AHSA/USDF recognized shows in second and third levels.
(October 1985, Gladstone, NJ)
Corey and me at the same dressage show.
(October 1985, Gladstone, NJ)
Corey just before I sold him :-(
(May 1989, Ithaca, NY)
(I developed ankylosing spondylitis two years before I sold him and rode
him less seriously in terms of dressage training and less often.)