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To Be Or Not To Be A Gall: The Story Of Strange Growths On Plants (Wayne's Word [Wayne Armstrong])


Cynipidae (Gall Wasps)
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Goldenrod Gall Fauna
Gall-like Structures Not Covered By BugGuide

iNaturalist: California Gall Observations

BONAP's North American Plant Atlas -- Quercus (oak) distribution

British Plant Gall Society


Blanche, Rosilind (2012) Life in a Gall: The Biology and Ecology of Insects that Live in Plant Galls [Australian focus but great basic gall information]

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What Gall! The Crazy Cribs of Parasitic Wasps -- KQED TV article and video (below)

Peter Bryant's jumping gall video:


Joyce's gall larvae video:
September 17, 2012. Alameda County, California. Disholcaspis canescens gall from Quercus douglasii (blue oak), cut open to show larvae.
Likely these are inquiline larvae as D. canescens is a monothalamous gall, and the larvae look like cynipid larvae.