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Cynipid Names

After communication with cynipid researchers (Kathy Schick, James Nicholls), and much indecision, for now (December 2017) I'm using the cynipid names that were the accepted names before Melika & Abrahamson 2002. Recent DNA work has shown that the pre-Melika & Abrahamson names are closer to being correct than the names in the self-published Melika & Abrahamson 2002 Review of the world genera of oak cynipid wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Cynipini) paper. In particular many genera were changed in the paper that don't agree with recent DNA studies or with the original assessments.

Where names have been changed in Melika & Abrahamson 2002, I include those names as well, as they are used by some people and web sites. But I treat the "old" names as the current names. Hopefully sometime in the near future another paper will be published that will clear up a lot of the name confusion brought about by Melika & Abrahamson 2002.


all photos and text © Joyce Gross