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Cynipid Names

The western U.S. cynipid names I use on this site are those used in Russo 2021 Plant Galls of the Western United States. Where applicable I also list the self-published Melika & Abrahamson 2002 names (as does Russo in his book). Cynipid taxonomy is generally a mess, with a lot of genera having been changed in Melika & Abrahamson 2002 that don't agree with recent DNA studies or with the original assessments.

After communication with Ron Russo and cynipid researchers (Kathy Schick, James Nicholls), and much indecision, for now (2021) I'm using cynipid names that were the accepted names before Melika & Abrahamson 2002 and some newer names in more recently published papers.

Hopefully sometime in the near future additional papers will be published that help clear up the name confusion brought about by Melika & Abrahamson 2002 and by the gaps in our knowledge of Cynipidae.


all photos and text © Joyce Gross