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Beetle Families by Common Names
(see also beetle families by scientific names)

Primitive Carrion Beetles

Trout-stream Beetles

Anamorphid Beetles

Antlike Flower Beetles

Fungus Weevils

Soft-bodied Plant Beetles

Leaf Rolling Weevils

Bostrichid Beetles

Dry Bark Beetles

Straight-snouted Weevils

Metallic Wood-boring Beetles

Pill Beetles

Fruitworm Beetles

Soldier Beetles

Ground Beetles

Longhorn Beetles

Minute Bark Beetles

Leaf Beetles

Minute Tree-fungus Beetles

Minute Beetles

Checkered Beetles

Lady Beetles

Silken Fungus Beetles

Flat Bark Beetles

Reticulated Beetles


Soft-bodied Plant Beetles

Carpet Beetles

False Stag Beetles

Long-toed Water Beetles

Predaceous Diving Beetles

Click Beetles

Riffle Beetles

Handsome Fungus Beetles

Pleasing Fungus Beetles

Plate-thigh Beetles

False Click Beetles

Forest Stream Beetles

Earth-boring Scarab Beetles

Bumble Bee Scarab Beetles

Wirligig Beetles

Crawling Water Beetles

Variegated Mud-loving Beetles

Clown Beetles

Minute Moss Beetles

Water Scavenger Beetles

Short-winged Flower Beetles

Lined Flat Bark Beetles


Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles

Round Fungus Beetles

Stag Beetles

Net-winged Beetles

False Darkling Beetles

Blister Beetles

Soft-winged Flower Beetles

Root-eating Beetles

Tumbling Flower Beetles

Hairy Fungus Beetles

Palm and Flower Beetles

Sap Beetles

Wounded-Tree Beetles

Burrowing Water Beetles

False Blister Beetles

Bess Beetles

Parasitic Flat Bark Beetles

Shining Flower Beetles


Rain Beetles

Jugular-horned Beetles

Water Penny Beetles

Featherwinged Beetles

Toe-winged Beetles

Death-watch and Spider Beetles

Fire-colored Beetles

Cicada Parasite Beetles

Wrinkled Bark Beetles

Wedge-shaped Beetles

Scarab Beetles

Marsh Beetles

False Flower Beetles

Carrion Beetles

Flat Bark Beetles

Cryptic Slime Mold Beetles

Rove Beetles

False Longhorn Beetles

Synchroa Bark Beetles

Darking Beetles

Polypore Fungus Beetles

False Metallic Wood-boring Beetles

False Ground Beetles

Hide Beetles

Bark-gnawing Beetles

Zopherid Beetles

For a more complete and very useful list of beetle family thumbnail images, see the BugGuide beetle page.

all photos and text © Joyce Gross