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I'm grateful to many people who have helped me in numerous ways with my photos.


Arthropod Identifications:

Without these people I would know much less about insects than I do, and might not have learned to "see" insects as well as I can now.
BugGuide: Eric Eaton, V Belov, Don Chandler, Boris Büche, Jeff Gruber, Phil Harpootlian, Jim McClarin, Margarethe Brummermann, Andy Hamilton, John and Jane Balaban, Matthias Buck, Bob Patterson, Herschel Raney, Chen Young, and many, many others
UC Berkeley Essig Museum: Cheryl Barr, Gordon Nishida, Kathy Schick, Bob Zuparko, Bill Shepard, Kip Will, John Chemsak
Others: Ron Russo, Andy Cline, John Pinto, Dave Kavanaugh
Family and friends who have put up with insects on kitchen counters, in refrigerators, and running or flying all over the house (especially the ones that weren't there to start with). Also, people who have followed me up mountains and across deserts to look for some tiny gall or beetle that we might not even find.

My dog who enjoyed accompanying me when I looked for critters, especially to locations with sticks, where the weather was not too hot, and where there were few flies or yellowjackets.